First, let me welcome you to my new blog. If you are reading this post you are joining me at the very beginning. My name is Michael Pollack and my nature photography business is called Untamed Images. You can read more about me here

The main purpose of this blog will be to serve as a vehicle for sharing my photographs. In the past, I have shared groups of images in galleries on my website at In these galleries, I often present batches of photographs from a trip to a photographic destination, but I also have themed galleries such as “Birds” and “Landscapes”. I periodically add to these themed galleries, but before starting this blog I lacked a convenient way of informing my followers of new work added to existing galleries. I will still add new galleries periodically, but with this blog I will be able to highlight individual images that I feel are worth sharing.

I also intend to use this blog occasionally to share my thoughts regarding tools of the trade for photographers. Whether it’s a new piece of camera gear, or an photo-specific software application, I will be writing unbiased evaluations of the equipment that I employ in the field and in the digital darkroom.

As readers of this blog you have the ability to comment on my posts. I hope you take advantage of that functionality and regularly share your thoughts with me.


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