Dead Horse Point State Park has a couple of things working against it. First, the name. Who wants to go to a park full of dead horses? According to legend, the naming of the place is derived from incidents involving actual dead horses, so if you were thinking maybe they named it after some equine-shaped rock formation, you can let go of those happy thoughts! Read about it here in the park brochure. Maybe Utah State Parks ought to engage a public relations firm to consider a rebranding. Second, Dead Horse Point State Park is frequently overshadowed by its two National Park big brothers in the Moab, Utah vicinity: Arches and Canyonlands.

If ever you are in the area, do not let these facts prevent you from seeing Dead Horse Point. Alison and I were there last October and were so glad that we took the time to visit. The panoramic image featured in this post was captured at dawn from the Dead Horse Point Overlook, a spot perched on the rim of a vast canyon carved by the twisting Colorado River 2000 feet below, with views of the sheer rugged cliffs of Canyonlands National Park in the distance.

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